Write a letter of support

Inspired by The Crisis Project UK, ‘Write to Recognize’ is a movement in gratitude. We are hoping to form a community of empathetic and compassionate changemakers.

If you have a couple of minutes, and a drive to do something for our courageous frontline workers, join us in writing a letter to one of them and make their day!




Letters sent


Smiles spread

How does this work?

Volunteers sign up to write letters of recognition for frontline workers who are keeping India safe and healthy against our fight against Covid-19.

Link to Volunteer

You can also participate by recommending frontline workers to receive a letter applauding their commitment and bravery. 

Link to recommend a key worker

I’m in! What’s next?


Devote 10 minutes of your time and make a key worker smile ❤ You will be assigned a frontline worker and we will share their story with you. Write a letter to recognize their amazing efforts, and send it back to us! We will then post/email it to them. It is a simple process but the aim is to create a chain of positivity and gratitude!


Frontline workers who stepped up to offer their services during the pandemic are certainly heroes! Doctors, nurses, care workers, supermarket workers, the police, teachers, and journalists are just a few examples. Every key worker in India deserves to be seen – nominate ANY key worker today!


It is perfectly okay if you don’t know of a key worker you could nominate or are too tied up to write a letter yourself. You can still help MASSIVELY by just sharing this movement with your friends and family. We are looking forward to your support ❤